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Penalized in Google?
Unwinding Google Penalties

Introducing Google Penalty Prevention: Protocol CMS

Elegant Solutions Can PreEmpt A Google Penalty

Yes, on this site it's a boat that appears to be in the sky that represents the ultimate in data driven cms development. Any business that has been penalized by Google will understand the value of this technology in using automation to ensure search compliance when updating the site via the content management system.  Keep your site out of harms way - specifically, mitigate the risk of a Google penalty caused by an employee posting changes or new content to the site.  Of course this cms will not help you if you're using black hat techniques, but it can definitely keep your workers from inadvertently triggering a search compliance failure. Whether it results in an out and out penalty, or whether it manifests itself as rank loss, the consequences of compliance breaches can be severe.  And those caused by human error can be virtually eliminated by applying the appropriate automation.  Protocol was designed for this purpose.

Google penalties get applied for a wide range of compliance failures.  In our experience, most of those failures were either with a domain level problem, like owned domains inappropriately interlinking, or the DNS from multiple top level domains all pointing into the same directory in the hosting environment.  But a huge percentage of the problems are a direct result of human error, combined with infrastructures that either don't scale, or don't account for possible mistakes made by people.

Here's a good example on why you need automation to look out for you: On large systems, no one can be expected remember all the previous title tags that were used in the system, yet there is a requirement from Google that all title tags be unique across the site.  How can this be managed if it is not automated?  In systems where content is either syndicated or aggregated from other sources, redundancy checks across existing content is warranted and can prevent duplicate content issues from harming the most valuable searches.

The ultimate tweak on the system permits the cms to suggest the addition of keyword impressions for any piece of content based on known high value targets.  If a power center structure is also coded into the cms, the content will be directed to the most appropriate power center, and the subsequent linking requirements will automatically populate.