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Helpful Content Recovery Attempt

4 July 2024


Conditions Most Likely Used by Google's Helpful Content Update

Based on the information gathered, here are the key conditions likely being used by Google's Helpful Content Update:

  1. Specificity to Niche: Content should be focused on a specific industry or niche, avoiding straying into unrelated topics merely to attract traffic.
  2. Expertise and Authoritativeness: Content should demonstrate expertise and authoritativeness, often by featuring first-hand experience, expert opinions, and original research.
  3. User Intent and Satisfaction: Content should be designed to satisfy user intent, ensuring visitors find the information helpful and relevant to their search queries.
  4. Originality and Depth: Content should be original, avoiding excessive reliance on AI-generated text without human oversight, and should provide depth and value beyond superficial coverage.
  5. Avoiding Excessive Ads and Affiliate Links: Content should minimize disruptive ads and affiliate links that detract from user experience.
  6. Quality over Quantity: Focus should be on producing high-quality, valuable content rather than a large quantity of low-quality posts aimed at gaming search algorithms.
  7. Page Experience and Navigation: Websites should offer a good user experience, including intuitive navigation, mobile-friendliness, and fast loading times.
  8. Consistent Updates and Freshness: Content should be regularly updated with meaningful changes, not just superficial date changes, to maintain relevance and accuracy.
  9. Avoiding Deceptive Practices: Content should not engage in deceptive practices like keyword stuffing, freshness faking, or misleading titles.
  10. Balanced Use of AI: While AI-generated content is more acceptable, it should be balanced with human oversight to ensure it remains valuable and relevant.





1 July 2024

Notes on the recovery attempt on

Is this Helpful Content Update (HCU) or something else? Charts are suggesting preexisting issues, while supporting additional drops due to HCU.


Chart from SEMrush: Actual collapse started 10 March 2023



Chart from Actual collapse started 2 July 2023

IMPORTANT: note the referring domains (blue) steep climb. These are links. It might appear that an attempt is being made to recover traffic using links because this growth rate is unnatural.



In the below Google Doc, what are sheets & showing?



2 July 2024

Canary terms to test for recovery:

Rank:  2.4  Term:  Driver Length by Height  Page:   NOT IN TOP 100
Rank:  6.6  Term: Best Beginner Golf Clubs  Page:   NOT IN TOP 100
Rank: 7.0   Term: Maxfli Golf Balls  Page:   NOT IN TOP 100

"Best Beginner Golf Clubs" was one of their largest keywords that they had traffic for.   NOT IN TOP 100

Keyword Term: standard driver length   NOT IN TOP 100

Keyword Term: evolution golf carts   NOT IN TOP 100 but was ave. 18.7

Keyword Term: icon golf carts   NOT IN TOP 100

Keyword Term: best golf clubs for beginners   NOT IN TOP 100

Keyword Term: maxfli golf balls   NOT IN TOP 100 but was ave. 18.7



To disavow:








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